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Information & Registration for Wineries & Associations

Registration is now open for wineries, regional winery associations, and distributors* interested in participating at the 2018 Grand Tasting.


When you register, please provide  information for the wines you are pouring. You may pour up to 4 different Sauvignon Blanc wines* per winery.

All Grand Tasting wineries will be provided with the following:

  • An 8' table  to be shared* with one other winery or vendor; winery associations are provided with a full 8' table for themselves
  • Ice bucket, linen, table skirt, spit bucket, water pitcher
  • Your logo and a brief description of your winery in promotional materials, including a printed guide, social media posts, and the Sauvignon Blanc Experience website
  • Opportunity to sponsor the Grand Tasting

You may bring to the Grand Tasting:

  • Two people to pour wine at your table
  • Printed materials for distributing at your table

Review this page for additional details about pouring at the Grand Tasting.

Questions? Please contact us at info@sauvblanc.us

* Additional Details

  • Only Sauvignon Blanc wines and wines blended with Sauvignon Blanc will be accepted for pouring at the Grand Tasting.
  • Regional associations and distributors pouring Sauvignon Blanc from multiple wineries will be provided a full 8' table for their organization.