The Most Versatile Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc


By David Glancy, San Francisco Wine School

I like my wine cellar to be like a spice rack – with every flavor and style from A to Z represented.

This is because, to me, wine is a seasoning to complement my meals. I play with wine pairings, sometimes playing it safe but more often experimenting. In many ways, Sauvignon Blanc is ideal for these culinary explorations.

In its most typical style, light and crisp, Sauvignon Blanc is a natural early in the meal or anytime with light bites. A lean, citrusy, unoaked Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect foil for oysters on the half-shell. The grassy, citrusy styles are divine with tangy, grassy goat cheese. There are few grapes that pair as well with salads or any light dish that is redolent of fresh herbs. These same notes make it a match for sushi... Read More >

The Savvy Lake


By Alder Yarrow,

“It’s so crisp and cool and clear, I just love it,” said pensioner Diane Tibbs while her husband Brad nodded in agreement as they both tipped back their glasses to finish them off.

“Easily half of what I buy, especially after April, is Sauvignon Blanc,” said Marika Klaver, a 30-year-old corporate interior designer, who went on to explain that the balance of her wine consumption is split between Pinot Grigio and Merlot, a red that she adds to the mix as autumn rolls around.

On 5 May, these consumers, and more than 300 others, made their way to Lake County, California, to attend the 2018 International Sauvignon Blanc Experience. Even so, most drinkers of California wine may not have heard of Lake County, nor the Sauvignon Blanc conference that the region hosts in an attempt to remedy that fact... Read More >